Learning to type correctly is an important skill that will help students be able to use technology and computers in a more efficient way. Check out some of the sites below to help you improve your typing skills:


This site shows you where to place your fingers on the QWERTY keyboard.

Be sure to try some of the QWERTY lessons once you know where to put your fingers!


This is another great site to learn correct finger placement. Give it a try!

Dance Mat Typing through BBC Typing

Learn how to type as you make your way from one level to the next!

The Typing of the Ghosts

Type words on the ghosts to destroy them!

Typing Monster

Can you beat the monster by typing in the magic spell? Don't forget to type the numbers on the fireballs!

Type Me through Kaboose

Rescue the falling letters!


Practice typing whole words!


Quick, type the words before they disappear in the fog!

Alpha Rain

You must type the letters as they are raining down!

Phrase Drop

Type the phrases as they come down.

Typing Test

Can you type now? See what your words per minute score (wpm) really is!