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I was born in Talladega, Alabama on May 14, 1978. My mother said I was the best Mother's Day present she has ever received. I have wonderful parents named Dayton and Edith Cook, and I have five older brothers named Tracy, David, Eric, Shane, and Mark. No sisters and the youngest, do you think I am spoiled? Of course not!!! With my five brothers, their wives, and children, we have a total of 20 people in our family. Can you visualize our family gatherings?

I have been teaching at Lincoln Elementary School since 2004. Can you figure up how many years I have been teaching. I live in Talladega, Alabama, and I am married to Griff Hill. Griff is also employed by Talladega County Schools as the Coordinator of Transportation. I have three children, twin girls named Madison and Marley, age 15, and I have a son named Mason. He is eight years old. Marley and Madison are 10th graders at Lincoln High School, and Mason is in 3rd grade at Lincoln Elementary School. I am also a Sunday school teacher at First Baptist Church in Talladega. Teaching has always been my passion. I have been asked several times, "How did you know you wanted to teach children?" I always say, "It wasn't until I had children that I realized how special and important young minds are." I love finding ways to help students reach their potential. The best feeling in the world is seeing your students learn and seeing it click in their heads.

In my spare time, I have several hobbies. I love traveling, spending time with my children, and shopping. I am also a big BAMA fan!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!