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Place Value

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Tic Tac Toe Math
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Rounding to the Nearest 10
Rounding to the Nearest 100

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Math Worksheet Factory Lite Create your own worksheets complete with images, answer sheet, and a progress chart to track students!
ABCTeach Math Worksheets as well as a gold mine of ideas for [[#|100th Day]], graphing, measuring, [[#|Roman numerals]], and more.
Math Fact Cafe Build your own worksheet, print pre-made, or use the online flashcards.
Math Goodies – Puzzle Page
Rick’s Math Web features worksheets and [[#|basic math]] tips – great for lower grades.
Math Problem Solving Worksheets - for 4th + 5th grade
MathCats worksheets Created by kids. Can print or do online.
Interactive Sites for Students
Funbrainincludes Math Baseball, Power Football, Change Maker, Fresh Baked Fractions and more
Aunty Math features biweekly fun challenges, so send in your answer!
Math Glossary
Base 10 Count is a site at which to explore place value.
Cool Math for Kids includes a treasure trove of math games for Preschool through high school (and this is just the kids’ section!).
National Library for Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics Choose a topic & a grade level to see how number lines work, build with pattern blocks, tesselate shapes, and more.
MathCats Tessellations, magic squares, multiplication tables, and more.
Online Flashcards
The ArithMattack How many computer-generated arithmetic problems can you answer in 60 seconds? Use online or download (free).
Flashcards for Kids Choose type of problems, complexity, number range, keep score or not, timer on or off.
A+ Math Use the online flashcards or make your own to print.
AllMath Optional timer
Class Projects
Global Grocery List Project Collect [[#|local grocery]] prices and compare to worldwide data
Lemonade Stand Run a virtual lemonade stand and try to make some [[#|money]].
Math in Daily Life Learn about how math is used everywhere – good for class discussions and introductions to various math topics.
Resources & Ideas
Practical Money Skills for Students Lessons, Games, quizzes
PBS Teacher Source Lessons & activities

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