Third Grade Computer Lab Activities

Week of Jan. 18th

Natural Disaster Research

1. Fema Kids

2. Google

3. Weather Wiz Kids

4. ESA Kids

Week of Jan. 11th

1. Whole Class: Watch Unpack Your Adjectives
2. Use Scriblink to identify adjectives used in video.
3. Adjective Games & Quizzes:

Week of Jan. 4th

1. Comment on New Blog posting ****
2. **Dance Mat Typing**
3. Practice **Mulitplication** then go to games
4. Record our letters to Frosty

Week of Feb 1st

1. Comment on New Blog posting****
2. Go to the start Menu then computers under computers go to the S drive
find Hill then natural disasters. Look for your groups natural disaster. Pull up your Powerpoint
and finish.
3. You will present on Friday!!!!