Grandparent's Day

Grandparent's Day was awesome!!!! On September 14, 2009, we invited grandparents to participate in their grandchild's learning. The theme was based around 21st century learning. I arranged 7 stations around the room for my students to teach their grandparents activitites that they have learned from the beginning of the year. The activities ranged anywhere from technology to AMSTI (Alabama, Math, and Science Technology Initiative). This was also a wonderful tool for the students to reflect on what they knew about the topics taught in Class.

The students taught their grandparents how to use our communicators. Communicators are plastic sleeves that hold printable sheets so the students can use a dry ease maker instead of a pencil. The communicators are for Mountain Math and Mountain Language. Mountain Math and Mountain Language is a bulletin board set that reviews all of 3rd grade skills. The students solve the same skills weekly but different problems. This helps with repeated exposure of all skills taught.

They showed and explained to their grandparents about our Earth materials Unit. This is an AMSTI lesson. The students showed their grandparents how to find the circumference, diameter, and width of a mock rock. They also observed the mock rock through a hand-lens.

The Grandparents even tried to use the Smartboard and CPS system (Classroom performance System). Classroom Performance System (CPS) is a student response system using wireless connectivity. It gives instructors and students immediate feedback from the entire class. The response pads are remotes that are durable, easy to use and engage students. The skills reviewed with grandparents were standard and expanded form, place value, Greater than/less than. They played Jeopardy against their Grandparent.

They also showed our class wiki and blog.